How Small Changes Can Assure Of Lasting Relationship In Marriage

“A happy marriage is not magically created but rather it is always a work in progress”

As a newlywed you can never imagine that your relation may get stale or even worse end as an addition to the divorce rate of the country. After all the first time you two met you fell in love instantly and decided to get married. Read More

10 Things To Do In The Courtship Period To Come Closer To Your Partner

“A perfect marriage is when a couple learns to enjoy their differences”

One day my best friend suddenly calls up to inform that she has found her Mr. perfect that to over a matrimonial site. I was taken aback as what happened she always preferred love marriage over arranged. On enquiring the same she said she just wanted to mix up both and it s kind of fun just like falling in love for the first time. I could feel from the sound of her voice that she had butterflies in her stomach. Read More

Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage: To Love and Then Marry or Marry and Then Love

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times but always with the same person”

Be it a girl or a boy as they touch the age of 25 in India parents start giving subtle hints about marriage. Sometimes half jokingly they say that any relative of theirs know someone who might be perfect for you. Read More