7 Thoughtful Ideas That Will Make Guests Love Your Wedding

“Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility”

Whenever I a invited to a wedding reception I just think about how will I paste a fake smile and say that I am enjoying the reception when actually I am not as it is dull. Now you may how can a party be dull, well if you attend your friend’s wedding and all you do is gossip with other friends or just stand there with a glass in hand it is dull. Read More

Impact Of Westernization In Indian Weddings

“Marriage is not of two perfect people but of two imperfect people who fit perfectly”

Being an Indian girl I have always heard from my family that marriage is a sacred bond which brings together two souls and also two very different families. Marriages in India are said to be a bond for lifetime and according to me it should be so. Read More

Go For An Offbeat Monsoon Wedding With These Tips

“Marriage is a life long journey of learning to love”

Wedding day is the best day in any girl’s life. A girl dreams about this particular day from the time she hardly understands the meaning of marriage. A girl always decides what she will wear, how she will do her hair and where she would prefer to get married from a very young age. Her wedding day is a dream she has seen all her childhood and teenage. She mentally plans out all the details way earlier than she has even decided to get married. These decisions are an outcome of all the weddings she has been to.Read More