Seven Vows of Hindu Marriage – Significance of Saat Pheras

Marriage is an important part of an individual’s life. It marks as one’s true entry into adulthood as now he or she is now fit for taking on the responsibility of another human being. Under all those flashy, extravagant Indian wedding ceremony lies the austerely honest Vedic Hindu wedding rituals. The 13 intricate stages of Hindu wedding ceremony show the seriousness of what a marriage entails through various rituals and mantras. Every ritual or mantra pronounced during the wedding has its own significance and cannot be done away with. All these rituals revolve around one main ritual known as the Saptapadi where the bride and the groom utter the seven vows of the wedding, while they revolve around the sacred fire, seven times.
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Do You Think That Happy Marriage Is A Myth?

“A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created”

Marriage is the biggest turning point in one’s life. After marriage you are not only responsible for yourself but also for your spouse. Every girl before getting married has many dreams and hopes for this new life. I recently went to a wedding where the bride was nervous yet excited with the thought that she is getting married. Read More