Why One Should Create A Matrimonial Profile?

Not everyone dream of being married by 25. But in India if a girl or a guy hits the age of 25 and they are still single, relatives, neighbours and parents start to pressurize you for the same. So, if you have reached the age of 25 and you want to get married but not able to find the right match it is the best idea to get yourself registered on a matrimonial site before all those relatives start coming up with relations from their side.Read More

How to Manage Your Finances After Marriage

Financial matters are the first reason for an argument between the newlyweds. It is very important to figure out how to manage the finances jointly after marriage so that the arguments can be avoided. Finances have always been any fight’s prime reason. And it is not surprising to see that youngsters who have just started earning are not even considering saving this is the sole reason that leads to fights when they get married.
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Feelings Of A Bride Before Wedding

One night before the wedding all a girl can feel is a flow of emotions and anxiety. She feels like hugging her dad and never letting him go, she feels like lying in her mother’s lap forever, there is also the feeling of little butterflies in her stomach whenever she thinks of ‘him’ and then she is also scared to accept the change.

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