Professional Matrimonial Services: A Thriving Business

In India arrange marriages have always been celebrated and it is the most traditional form of unison in India. But as time is changing and India is modernizing arrange marriages are taking different forms. With the emersion of the digital world even searching for your perfect partner has become on clicks. Professional matrimonial services are a thriving business in India. Read More

5 Relationship Tips To Remain Happily Married

A Happy Marriage is hard work, ask your parents, and they will tell you. There is no way you tie the knot and leave it on autopilot. Your plane will crash, for sure, if not crash, at least the flight will be so boring, you will want to jump out of the aeroplane.

This article is not meant to scare you, and if you are planning on taking the plunge anytime soon, a few relationship tips won’t do any harm.

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8 Questions Parents Should Ask To Their Future Son In Law

Daughters tend to never grow up in their father’s eyes, so a daughter’s marriage is a father’s dream. A father always wants his beloved daughter to get married to someone who will love her more than anything else. So, fathers always wish to find the perfect match for their daughter. As time is changing and the western culture is influencing everyone in a better way the concept of arranged marriage is converting into love cum arrange marriage. If a girl is in love with a guy she brings him home to meet her parents so that they can approve him and the relation can move forward. Read More