A Happy Marriage Is All About Knowing Each Other

You have been recently acquainted with your prospective life partner and both of you are now prepared to tie the knot. While this is a big step for you both, you are still thinking about whether you are proceeding about your marriage in the right way or not. Having such doubts is quite a common thing, and it happens mostly in cases where the two people know very little about each other.Read More

Why Indian Marriages Are The Symbol Of Love And Trust?

Marriages have always been considered as the important form of bond in the Indian society for hundreds and thousands of years. In India, marriage is regarded as an eternal bond that is fostered out of love and trust. The husband and the wife look up to each other on almost everything and become an integral part of one another’s existence. For many people living in other parts of the world, it can be difficult to understand why Indian marriages have such high success rates. It is therefore necessary to have a closer look at the various driving factors of Indian marriages that make them such success stories over time.Read More

The Untold Secrets Of A Long Lasting Happy Marriage

The idea of a ‘long-lasting marriage’ seems like a lost cause in today’s world. With more number of people choosing to opt for a divorce in case anything goes bad, the importance of the institution of marriage has faded significantly in many people’s minds in the recent times. There are numerous people who consider separation as the easiest solution for handling a rocky relationship. It is therefore no wonder that fewer numbers of couples today give their marriages with a second chance after their closeness and intimacy fades. Read More