Be A Contemporary South Indian Bride!

If I had to choose between various weddings that I have witnessed I would choose 2 of them as my favorite one being Bengali as I am a bong so a bit bias and the second one being South Indian wedding. Well, most of you know that all their rituals happen at 4 in the morning and so you might ask why do I like it. Read More

Things Every Bride Should Decide Before Planning Your Roka!

There are many rituals that take place before the wedding but the first ritual is certainly the Roka ceremony. I know that it is not there is many traditions but it is a very important part of the Punjabi weddings. These days everything can be done online be it finding your partner with the help of the Punjabi matrimonial sites or booking all the party needs. Read More

Modern Day Jewellery Options For The Sister Of The Bride

I have always believed that our sisters are our best friends as they are the ones who know us the best, they have seen us grow, they have seen the bad and good side of us, they are our partners in crime and most importantly they know how to handle our parents when they get over excited or too emotional. Read More

How An Event Planner Can Do Add Value To Your Indian Wedding

I have always heard people calling their wedding a dream wedding and I always wondered why. None of us grow up with the dream of only getting married, we have many dreams and marriage is just one of them. Again there are some who are not at all interested in getting married until they are emotionally blackmailed or they fall head over heels in love. Read More

Have You Packed These Destination Wedding Essentials?

Brides are you ready to fly out to the destination for your dream wedding? But being ready for the wedding that is mental preparation is not enough because you might be already going crazy because of all the arrangements that need to be done of the wedding at the location that you have chosen. Read More

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